Short talks. Creative space. Connections. Ask your friends.

Scrum Days are different!

We're listening to your feedback. We're improving and setting a standard for other conferences to follow. This conference is driven by you. Join us and see what's different about Scrum Days!


A Lot will be going on. Make sure you prepare for all that you will be able to do.

Ted-Format Talks

18 minutes, so our speakers have to be intelligent and get creative


Intense form for deep understanding

Invited Speakers

We invite people we know have something valuable to say

Speaker's Pen

A space to talk to a speaker about their subject

Creative Space

You can use every square centimeter of cozy space of hotel for getting the most value

Open Space

Time and space to meet people and share Scrum experience

Collaboration Catalyst

Friendly people and garden party after conference

Bring people together

Activities, like puzzle IDs, break the ice and make people talk to each other

Limited edition

We will have no more than 300 participants, so that you will not drown in a sea of people

Job Corner

There will be a spot for posting a job offer or having a short interview

What tracks can you choose?

The Scrum Mindset

The change in thinking, agility and treating people like people. 18-minute TED-style talks. Mixed basic and advanced subjects, so that everyone will find something interesting. Aimed at changing your thinking: The Agile Mindset, The Future of Scrum and why you don’t want to do Scrum.

The Product Mindset

Product. Value. Market. 18-minute TED-style talks. Purely product and market sessions. Aimed at understanding what to focus on. How to say “No”, build trust and what actually is a User Story – the most abused tool in the Scrum universe.

Touch And Try

Didn't have enough of keynotes? Would you like to dive deeper? This is the place. To experience what skills support Scrum and what our keynotes think when asked for a second thought.

Deep Dive

A set of useful tools for all the Scrum roles - story mapping, working with teams, shepherding organizations. 3-hour workshops will happen after lunch, so that you have power to dive deeper! Dives will feature: Team coaching, people contracts, PO game and many more.

High Level People, High Level Subjects

High level reality. Live cases presented by Executives themselves. Organizational culture, real transformations, real challenges and how to overcome them with 9000 people.

Executive track


Scrum needs CxO support to happen and thrive. So we have something for you – topics for top management, spoken with your language. No Scrum Mastery, no Product Ownership. Managing organizations. Cultural change. Scaling. Topics for powerful people.

Presented by powerful practitioners in comfortable, quiet area. All tight-schedule friendly, condensed to half a day. If you have some more time, you can attend the whole event with your Exec Track pass.

Limited edition – register now!

We limit the conference to 300 people. First - to give everyone access to speakers and other participants.
Also we want to create highest possible value - we concentrate on quality, not size.

till 24th of March

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~290USD / ~280EUR

till 21th of April
Regular registration

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till 19th of May
Later registration

PLN 1999net

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till 24th of March
Scrum Days
+ Executive Track

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One of the best agile conference in the world. We were recognized as one of the must-be Agile conferences. This is our empirical measurement, that we do the right thing. Scrum is empiricism. We are happy to receive such a feedback.

Event Venue

Sound Garden Hotel

Żwirki i Wigury, 18 Warsaw

Who’s behind us?

Kate Terlecka

Tomek Włodarek

Paweł Feliński

Magdalena Firlit

Paweł Kmiotek

Krzysztof Kosacki

Beata Nowakowska

Tomek Pawlak

Adam Zając

Katarzyna Ziemba

Aleksandra Zygarska


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