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We learn at this conference ourselves. We want to make Software Development professional again. Lots of developers, experts and organisations gathered countless experience from their experiments (mistakes). They share it for you not to pay for this lessons yourself.

We inspect and adapt every edition of our conference to maximize your return of investment to join Scrum Days. This year we decided to prefer professional software delivery to coaching.
Come, join us. See what is different about Scrum Days!


Ted-Format Talks

Only the best of the best can deliver inspiring talk in under 18 minutes. We set a high standard.


Workshops deliver experience. Best way to deepen your understanding.

Invited Speakers

We invite people we know have something valuable to say.

Speaker's Pen

A space to talk to a speaker about their subject - we will round them up and make sure you can talk to them!

Creative Space

You can use every square centimeter of cozy space of hotel for getting the most value.

Open Space

We want to bring out what's best in our participants and get their knowledge and experience to shine!

Collaboration Catalyst

Friendly people and garden party after conference. Could you ask for more?

Bring people together

We know how to connect people. It’s our job.

Limited edition

We will have no more than 300 participants, so that you will not drown in a sea of people

Job Corner

There will be a spot for posting a job offer or having a short interview


Gunther Verheyen

Independent Scrum Caretaker, a connector, writer, speaker

Tobias Mayer

Coach, writer, guide and mentor of all things Agile


Łukasz Bielawa

Scrum Master, Motorola Solutions

Gabriela Borowczyk

Coach, Business Trainer, MarkaPRO

John Cieslik-Bridgen

VP of Culture, Estimote

Stanisław Drosio

Change Agent, BPSC

Lucjan Giza

Development Manager, BPSC

Izabela Goździeniak

Lean Agile Coach, Allegro

Grzegorz Gubiński

Agile Coach, Sabre

Bartosz Janowski

Agie Coach, mBank

Paweł Jurdeczka

VP of Product Strategy, VentureDevs

Barry Overeem

Scrum Master,

Paweł Pustelnik

Head of Service Centre, ‎Future Processing

Artur Staszczyk

VP of Engineering, GameDesire

Jacek Wieczorek

Agile Coach, 202 Procent

Justyna Wykowska

Agile Coach, ‎ProCognita

Which tracks can you choose?

The Scrum Mindset

The change in thinking, agility and treating people like people. 18-minute TED-style talks. Mixed basic and advanced subjects, so that everyone will find something interesting. Aimed at changing your thinking: The Agile Mindset, The Future of Scrum and why you don’t want to do Scrum.

The Product Mindset

Product. Value. Market. 18-minute TED-style talks. Purely product and market sessions. Aimed at understanding what to focus on. How to say “No”, build trust and what actually is a User Story – the most abused tool in the Scrum universe.

Touch And Try

Didn't have enough of keynotes? Would you like to dive deeper? This is the place. To experience what skills support Scrum and what our keynotes think when asked for a second thought.

Deep Dive

A set of useful tools for all the Scrum roles - story mapping, working with teams, shepherding organizations. 3-hour workshops will happen after lunch, so that you have power to dive deeper! Dives will feature: Team coaching, people contracts, PO game and many more.

High Level People, High Level Subjects

High level reality. Live cases presented by Executives themselves. Organizational culture, real transformations, real challenges and how to overcome them with 9000 people.

Our agenda is growing.
Check out what we have prepared.

KEYNOTE: Re.Vers.Ify (Re.Imagining Your Organisation)

Gunther Verheyen, independent Scrum Caretaker, a connector, writer, speaker, humaniser

When working with people and organisations, I continually revert to the simplest and most core basics of Scrum, regardless how Scrum has, or has not, been adopted, or the scale of operations. I highlight their purpose and how they serve business agility. I find that it draws on people’s imagination immensely but it also excites people greatly. Over and over I observe how imagination can set an organisation apart. Imagination often distinguishes innovative from lagging organisations. I believe that any organisation can be re.imagined, re.vers.ified, to exploit its intrinsic potential to innovate. Scrum, with is many adaptations possible, provides a safety net. Scrum creates room for action and discovery. I help organisations re.imagine their Scrum to converge their product delivery into a Scrum Studio. Over time divisions dissipate into a structure of product hubs interconnected through purpose and distributed leadership. Creativity and innovation emerge. People, teams and the organisation prosper. I consolidated over a decade of experience, ideas, beliefs and observations of Scrum in re.vers.ify. Re.vers.ify is an act of simplicity, rhythm and focus. I introduce how the deliberate emergence of a Scrum Studio is the current way forward to re.vers.ify.

KEYNOTE: #TrueScrumMaster

Tobias Mayer, Coach, writer, guide and mentor of all things Agile

The ScrumMaster role was created to confront traditional management structures and processes. Described as a servant leader, the ScrumMaster was to socialise the framework of Scrum, inspire collaboration, creativity and engagement, and infuse the organisation with the values of courage, focus, commitment, respect and openness.

Such a role, so different to any traditional management role was a challenge—to the individual, certainly, but more so to the organisation itself. Over time, traditional corporate culture has undermined, crippled and even enslaved the role of ScrumMaster, force fitting it into the old management paradigm. ScrumMasters are now thought of as junior project managers, delivery managers, or even just process taskmasters, responsible for little more than setting up meetings, collecting meaningless metrics and filing status reports.

This talk offers a way out of the corporate quagmire for those who genuinely care about transforming the workplace. Directing the focus back on the spirit of Scrum, and the essence of the role itself, attendees will learn what is needed to rescue Scrum from its enterprise captors, and restore it to its place as an anarchic, free-thinking, confrontational approach to work. At first a lament, but then a song of hope #TrueScrumMaster will remind us all of what really matters.

TALK: True Story: Corporate Adventures with Estimates and Scrum.

Łukasz Bielawa, Scrum Master, Motorola Solutions

How many times have you been asked for estimates, no matter if you are a Developer, a Scrum Master or a Product Owner? Estimation is a vital part of our work! However, have you ever wondered how much can we trust our estimates? Have you ever wondered when can we honestly say that a Sprint is successful?

In my talk I will present real-life examples. Based on data gathered from Scrum Teams, working in different domains, technologies and having different habits, I will show patterns that surprised me. See where you shall look to check if your Scrum Teams follow the same surprising patterns.

TALK: Secrets of PO Success at a Tech Start’up.

John Cieslik-Bridgen, VP of Culture, Estimote

Estimate has a bold mission to build an operating system for the physical world. No one’s done that before, and our Product Owners have a tough job working with demanding, uncompromising Founders with a laser-focused vision, plus a developer community you can’t bullshit. How to succeed as a PO in this environment? Based on many hours coaching our PO team in one-on-ones, many hours with the CEO and CTO understanding their expectations, plus reflection on times we have failed, this talk will provide unprecedented insight and transparency as to what it takes to succeed in such an environment.

  1. Why I always tell prospective Product Owners to think again (they don't really want this job!)
  2. Starting with the basics – essential, non-negotiable ingredients of success
  3. The secret sauce – what do our most successful POs have in common.

TALK: Developing Right Team’s Habits.

Grzegorz Gubiński, Agile Coach, Sabre

Hard time to stick with decisions made on Retrospective? Not sure if your dedication to team’s working agreements is bringing fruits you expected? Suspect that your team is barking up the wrong tree? A life of an agile software development team in not easy. Regardless of method of choice a team needs to fulfill many often contradicting needs still retaining place for self-improvement.

The Talk describes an experiment of combining elements of Evidence Based Management with Four Disciplines of Execution as a way for a development team to track and improve their own habits. It’s meant to address two common issues that hinder team’s self-improvement: lack of consistency and inability to see long term payoffs of current action

TALK: Agility Hidden Inside Us. Lessons Learnt Inside Out.

Paweł Jurdeczka, VP of Product Strategy, VentureDevs

Elon Musk’s biggest mistake is weighing too much on someone's talent and not someone's personality. “I think it matters whether someone has a good heart." - he said once. If the longest trip we take is inside us, why do we focus so much on external challenges = company’s agile transformations? This talk dwells upon the correlation between people's ability to change and agility & is an invitation for further after party discussions…

TALK: How to Master Scrum Master Skills.

Jacek Wieczorek, Agile Coach, 202 Procent

Everyday I hear Scrum Masters asking what they can do to improve their skills. Despite there is a lot of knowledge available today, they are struggling with getting valuable hints. Since I started my Scrum Master journey years ago I’ve tried plenty of approaches to speed up my growth — with various results. Some things didn’t worked at all, some were just fine, but some exceeded my expectations a lot and accelerated my growth as a Scrum Master exponentially. Many of my decisions put me out of my comfort zone, but from today’s perspective it was definitely worth it. During my talk I will share top things that worked for me and also for Scrum Masters which I support on daily basis as an Agile Coach.

TALK: Scrum Game Development - Is It a Perfect Fit?

Artur Staszczyk, VP of Engineering, GameDesire

Agile is just a set of rules. Scrum - a minimal framework for creating software. Game development is a growing part of the software development market. Why wouldn’t it be a perfect fit? We know scrum is not a silver bullet. So, are there areas of game development that make scrum rules hard to follow? If so, which ones and why? Or maybe it's just an excuse? Maybe we create the illusion of complexity and chaos around gamedev to make life easier for us? The goal of this talk is to present the challenges and processes of game development companies, share experience on how to implement scrum in gamedev companies and to show common impediments along the way. I think it's important to know about the state of game development business, as more and more companies try agile solutions in their struggles to win players’ hearts.


Bartosz Janowski, Agie Coach, mBank

Let's have a look at agendas of Agile/Scrum conferences. What's on the top? A product, soft skills, teams, coaching, scaling? All of them are vital. It could be confirmed by any experienced Agilist. What's missing?
In the Agile world, the ugly duckling is a software craftsmanship. In the Scrum Guide, the Agile Manifesto, it's barely mentioned. But this is a crucial ingredient to get an increment every Sprint. On the other hand, I use to hear requests for another sophisticated retrospective technique from a legion of Scrum Masters. However many developers complain that before the Scrum era, a testing phase was well-prepared (if finally executed ;-)).
In my talk, I would like to dig into the issue, why it's happing, revise priorities, highlight why QA is essential and how we all can deal with it.

TALK: How to Become a Better Leader and Effectively Share Agile Values.

Paweł Pustelnik, Head of Service Centre, Future Processing

Novice Scrum Masters are usually strongly focused on scrum practices in the first place. They observe how Scrum works, search for experiences and knowledge shared by others. This is a good first step…to become a leader in the future. Being Scrum Master is only the first step on the path where the main destination is becoming effective leader.
Leadership is about influencing and every Scrum Master might be a leader who can influence other people and inspire positive changes around us. I would like to explain what it means to be a leader, how to become a better leader and how to effectively share agile values and change the world around us. I will show how leadership should work, why it is different from management and what responsibility means.

EXPERIENCE: Data Visual Thinking – Visualisation in Scrum.

Gabriela Borowczyk, Coach, Business Trainer MARKAPRO

Did you know that our brain sees words as images? No matter how surprising it may seem, it is true. We think through a single or a series of pictures. Just imagine how compelling and effective you would be if you could communicate with others using images. If you feel intrigued but are thinking you may not be up to it, this workshop is for you.
Gabriela’s mission is to make people aware of the importance of visualisation of ideas and goals. Their power and impact, if turned into images. When people see concepts in the form of a picture, they understand and connect to them instantly. That is the secret behind Visual Thinking and Visual Facilitation.

Gabriela’s goal is to make turning ideas into images as easy as pie. That is why during the workshop you will learn the basics of Visual Facilitation. You will have the opportunity to learn a few essential technics and tricks, as well as get acquainted with some ready-to-use examples.

The newly learnt skills will enable you to put the most important things within scrum into visuals. You will energise and motivate your team. You will get the most out of your input. The process itself will feel natural.

WORKSHOP: Scrum is Simple, But it's Hard – a Difficult Day of a Scrum Team.

Justyna Wykowska, Agile Coach, ‎ProCognita

Let's have a close look into the tough situations that are faced by many teams. During the workshop, we will role play several scenarios based on common problems encountered by Scrum Teams. We will deal with fear of change and loosing control at organization level, problems with defining and delivering product value and reluctance for improvement. Together, we will tap to collective intelligence to find potential solutions for situation in which Scrum rules and principles are being broken.

EXPERIENCE: You’re the Scrum Fan. Get your Boss Convinced to Scrum for Dummies.

Stanisław Drosio, Scrum Master, BPSC
Lucjan Giza, Development Manager, BPSC

Any system change or improvement project that requires an investment of capital, time or other resources must be accepted by senior management before launching. Getting the final approval can sometimes be a serious challenge. Moreover – their real acceptance and commitment are the key factors of Scrum’s success. Scrum ideas (no matter how true and sexy they are) always have to fight against all the “I’m not convinced”, “Maybe you’d only try it in a small team?”, “What the heck is the Scrum?” and other stalling for time excuses. But you have to go through them bravely, if you think Scrum is seriously for you. We will try to give you some ideas about what should you start with and how to cope with inevitable obstacles during this battle.

We are going to disclose more details soon, stay tuned...

Executive track


Scrum needs CxO support to happen and thrive. So we have something for you – topics for top management, spoken with your language. No Scrum Mastery, no Product Ownership. Managing organizations. Cultural change. Scaling. Topics for powerful people.

Presented by powerful practitioners in comfortable, quiet area. All tight-schedule friendly, condensed to half a day. If you have some more time, you can attend the whole event with your Exec Track pass.

Limited edition – register now!

We limit the conference to 300 people. First - to give everyone access to speakers and other participants.
Also we want to create highest possible value - we concentrate on quality, not size.

till 21st of April
Regular registration

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Scrum Days
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